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Last update: 8/16/15

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    Name: M. Mendo
    Current location: Brownsville, Tx

    Who am I you ask? I'm basically a dude born and raised in Brownsville, TX. I attended and graduated from Texas State University-San Marcos with a bachelors in Communication Design. During my years there I got a little work experience working for 2 school newspapers doing things like layout designs, ad designs, and created some comic strips to add to the comic sections. I also made some designs for a campus organization that I was a part of. I live in Brownsville working as a freelance graphic/web designer (while I'm not working at my 8 to 5 job of course), and ready to serve anyone here in the area.

    I am very familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, and others. I can design custom logos, posters, websites, photo editing, business cards and more. I also use premade website templates (or CMS) usually from Joomla for websites used for adding news articles and various content.

    There's a lot of new things coming out and to learn about as far as graphic design. I make sure to stay up to date on that and more. That way I can apply what I learn to any projects that I get.

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    Book cover


    Brownsville Bike Brigade merchandise


    Designs with Type

    Magazine Designs


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    Fan art on blank variant comics


    Comic strips

  • Photoshop Pics
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    These are a few sites that I've created and continue to manage. I'm in the process of creating more sites for people/businesses in need of representing themselves online and in style

    Note: some websites are a few years old and therefore might be inactive, but they will be removed/replaced as this page gets updated.

    Brownsville Living: A website for a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people network here in Brownsville, TX.

    Business Solution Center: We deliver effected services in Accounting, Legal & Administrative Support, and Tax Services at competitive prices. (flash version): This is the flash version of my website. For those who've been here before you're probably familiar with this.

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    There are plenty of sites online with helpful tips and tutorials for any designer who works with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and more. With the help of the "Stumble" feature on Firefox, I've been able to find some sites which have been useful to me. If you are somewhat new to the world of graphic design, these websites will come in handy for you so check them out! Last update: 1/1/2011 A site loaded with Photoshop tutorials, website layout design, and more. If you need to come up with a logo, you might need some inspiration. Visit this link. Free fonts which have been used for movie titles and more. Make a color and get the code for it. Great for finding the exact color for your web page. Looking for free textures for your piece? Hers a good place to start. Learn how to create smoke effects, backgrounds, and more! Great fonts available for free! Making the best logo is important for any designer. For some inspiration, check this site out. Want the font used for ESPN or Linkin Park? They're right here. Looking for inspiration to design a business card? Take a look at these unique card designs! Need sound effects for your Flash animation? Find free sound effects AND premade animations here. If you are a graphic design major at Texas State University-San Marcos, you might be given a poster design project. This site can give you some inspiration.
    codrops: This is a good place for some CSS website help.

    And if you have a Stumble profile, feel free to see my profile to find more design links. Click here

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    If you need a design such as a logo or a custom website, feel free to shoot me an email. I do charge for my services depending on the project but I can make you a great offer and also be flexible. Also I DO NOT LIKE TO DO ANY LAST MINUTE WORK. I prefer to have plenty of time to do anything and come up with quality design that anyone can be proud of.



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